Plant Based Protein Bar, 21 Grams

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21 Grams of Plant Protein in a Bar?

Where are my glasses?

When I first saw this in my friend house, I thought I needed to look for my glasses… you know, once you get in certain age….

But it was True!! 20 and 21 Grams of Protein in a Bar!!  NO COW Protein Bars, and they taste Great!

Getting the amount of protein that should be your daily intake, sometimes is difficult.  Specially on very busy days.  Even when you try to do all the prep possible… you need a go to snack that can help you get all the daily intakes.  We are talking about 20 or 21 grams of plant protein on each No Cow Bar!!

Want to try All of them!!

They offer different flavors, so far I have tried Raspberry Truffle, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Mint Cocao Chips and I liked all of them!!

The texture resembles like cookie dough with small bits of nuts or seeds.

The Flavors…

Blueberry Cobbler and Raspberry Truffle are very fruity.  Mint Cocao taste like best Mint Chocolate cookie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip has a not overwhelming peanut butter flavor with small chocolate chips inside.  You will love them!

Only 4 Net grams of Carbs

Plant Protein and low carbohydrates?? Is a dream come true…!  You will see for example Rapsberry Truffle has 27 grams of carbohydrate but 20 grams of Fiber and 3 Erythrithol, what makes net 4 CARBS with only one gram of sugar!

Next ones that I will try are and

One gram of sugar?  Really?

Only one gram of Sugar!  I normally try not to use any sugar alcohol because it gives me bowel discomfort. This one has Erythritol, 3 grams and did not produced any discomfort at all to me.

When you are trying to limit the amount of sugar for whatever reason, NO COW Bar is the snack to go.

I have them at work, t home and in my tennis Bag.

An Excellent alternative when you need a high protein healthy Snack!

Here is a “photo” of the pack with all the information about content and Nutritional Facts.  Will update when tried the other flavors… Talk to you next time!!

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