María Mill House teja decorada

Maria Mill House – DIY Carton and Wood Project

Isn’t it a Beauty?  Here I present you my “Maria Mill House”.  This is the first DIY Project that I am sharing with you in this blog.  I will never forget it as I painted it while Hurricane Maria was hitting the Caribbean.  At that time I was desperate trying to get in touch with my family there.

I know, this is not a good time to remember sad times…

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Previously, I had only shared recipes with you. Some of my recent recipes are Guava Pastries, Beans Salad with Pigeon Peas and Mango and Classic Hummus.

Going back to this DIY Project, I am in Love with it!  I used to make a lot of DIY projects in the past but, for some reason, since I moved to the US, I was not engaged in any crafts.  Surfing through Pinterest ( I love Pinterest and this is not an add) I found the decorated Roof Tiles (Tejas or Telhas).  They are soooo beautiful!  They are decorated facades or rooms  in top of clay roof Tiles.

Maria Mill House…

In South Carolina I was not able to find the Clay Roof Tiles as we don’t used them in our regular construction Projects.  Well, I was decided to make them anyway so I made my own version of them; my very own “Carton Tiles”.  They are strong and you can add ornaments to them.  In the confection of the Maria Mill House I used different supplies, including different kinds of carton, acliric paints in diferent colors, pieces of balsa wood and some other details like Decorative Moss.

Tejas de Carton

You are going to need some other supplies and tools like DAS Modeling Clay and some tools to handle the modeling Clay.

Very Soon, the Step by Step …

Don’t worry, I am working really hard in the Step by Step Instructions.  It will include detailed instructions, patterns and measures for each one of the pieces. You will be able to complete this without major difficulty and will serve as base for other projects.

Remember to leave me your email address in the below form so I can advise you when the Step by Step is ready and how to get it. La Casa de Molino

The instructions are going to include how to make the simulate Zinc roof, the mill wheel and the stairs.

I am including the use of black paint to simulate the shadows and the other paint techniques used in in this model.

You can learn how to make them to decorate your house or your friends house.  May be sell them and make some extra money.

The mill wheel and the Stairs are also made out of recycled carton.  Below one of the steps in painting the wheel.

Yes, leave me your email address to keep you updated in how to obtain the Step by Step instructions for this Project and to continue receiving notifications of new projects like this one.

Until the next one!

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Maria Mill House DIY

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  2. I watched a video of someone making one of these I was so fascinated. Yours is just beautiful. I love all the little details. I wish I had half that talent!

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