Christmas Drum Ornament DIY

Christmas for many people is time to show love and compassion to others.  Is time to celebrate with Family and Friends.  We spend a lot of time decorating or houses or front yards. For a lot of people is about tradition, for others there is always something new every holiday season.  I am presenting a Christmas Drum Ornament DIY Project.

Is a very sentimental ornament to me and my family…   I asked my kids and we agreed that these ornaments have been with our family for around 25 years.  Every one of them in our Christmas Tree or at least some of them.  I love the antique appearance of these but you can make them without the effect in any color that matches your decoration.

I don’t remember where I got the idea from, maybe from a Crafts magazine, there was no Pinterest back then!!!!

Christmas Drum Ornament DIY

I want to share them with you!

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Christmas Drum Ornament DIY

You will need a round base for the drum.  At that time I used spray paint plastic caps.  For this project, I am using the bottom of water bottles but I strongly recommend to use the spray caps.  Always looking to  help a little bit to prevent them from keep poisoning our environment.

Christmas Drum Ornament DIYAt this time I gathered small water plastic bottles but you can use any that you have or according to the size that you want your Christmas Drum Ornaments.  You will use both the top and the bottom of the bottle for this project.

Christmas Drum Ornament DIY

You will learn how to harden and color your cloth and how to give the antique look if is what you desire.

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Our previous DIY Project was Maria Mill House DIY, I am about to finish the Step by Step instructions for the Maria Mill House.  Will advise via email when completed.

María Mill House teja decorada

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Until the next one!

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